2017 TechConnect 

This year's TechConnect program will run from July 10 - August 3, 2017. Students will meet at IHMC Monday - Thursday from 12-4pm. They will get demonstrations of all of the current research in the Robotics Lab at IHMC, meet with researchers to discuss their educational backgrounds and career paths, receive instruction in Java programming basics, and work together as a team on a robotics related project supervised by IHMC engineers and staff. The application period for this year's TechConnect program has passed. 

What is TechConnect?

TechConnect is a program at IHMC that provides volunteer internship opportunities for local Pensacola area high school students. For 2016, local student volunteers created fun, interactive lessons for a robotics unit called KidBotLabs in the Innovation Center at OJ Semmes Elementary School. Their lesson plans included an introduction to computer programming using, hands on kits designed to teach concepts related to robotics and programming, and a long-term plan for OJ Semmes Robotics Club using Lego Mindstorm EV3s. KidBotLabs has built multi-part learning plans as well as developed numerous mini lessons for the students at OJ Semmes Elementary School for use in their Innovation Center.


Kid Bot Labs at OJ Semmes

There are 3 distinct types of lessons created by KidBotLabs, as described below.

Club Lessons 

Club lessons are 18 lessons that build on each other and are designed for the robotics club at OJ Semmes elementary school. These lesson are designed to be done once every two weeks over the course of the school year.

Mini Lessons

Mini lessons are taught by the teacher and do not build off each other, to allow students of all ages and backgrounds to participate. They require no prior experience to robotics and they can be used to teach any age group.

BOT Kits

BOT kits are 4" by 6"  boxes with rubber bands, popsicle sticks, and other household construction materials specific to the BOT kit. Detailed instructions are provided in the box. They allow the student to make tin can robots, paper helicopters, and anything in between. The kits require no teacher interaction and can be done in under 30 minutes.



The gallery below list recommended books for students to read who are interested in robotics, engineering, programming, and innovation for the future.