2018 Robotics Lab Summer Interns

Asma Al-selwadi.jpg

Asma Al-Selwadi

Asma is an Electrical Engineering student at the University of West Florida and will be graduating this May. She has been an active co-lead of UWF's unmanned systems Fixed-Wing UAV team since 2016 and a research assistant to Dr. Chuy regarding various topics of controls and robotics since 2017. She hopes to continue her research into unmanned systems and robotics at the University of Florida, where she's been admitted into the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's Ph.D. program.


Kenneth Chao

Kenneth is a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University. His research focuses on methods of walking trajectory generation and control to realize dynamic walking on bipedal robots. With the goal towards applications for walking assisting devices, Kenneth believes the meeting point of control theory and optimization can help us to exploit natural dynamics of complex walking systems, and get more meaningful insights of human walking. He is excited to join Robotics Lab at IHMC as an intern, and he hopes he can push his knowledge on dynamic walking further!


Darren Huang

Darren is a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley studying computer science and mathematics. On campus, he's become a part of Berkeley's rocketry team and Computer Science Mentors at UC Berkeley. Born and raised in the Bay Area, he enjoys spending time cooking, browsing Reddit, playing games with friends, and complaining about traffic. 


Bhavyansh Mishra

Bhavyansh is currently an undergraduate student at the University of West Florida, pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. His previous research as an undergraduate Research Assistant has been in DevOps and the Microservices Architecture. His other research interests include computer vision, path-planning, dynamic obstacle avoidance, and decentralized software systems. Bhavyansh enjoys solving mathematically challenging problems and applying computational resources to solve real-world problems. His favorite sport is soccer and he is also a trained player of a classical percussion instrument from India called the tabla.


Rami Mostafa

Rami is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major at the University of California, Berkeley. Rami is a member of Virtual Reality @ Berkeley and an active participant in the Archery Club. He has been involved in soccer and karate since he was 5 years old, and he has a great interest in photography. Additionally, Rami has an immense love for animals. Rami has visited Pensacola a few times and loves the beautiful sights and relaxing environment. 


Brett O'Dea

Brett O’Dea is a Senior Mechanical Engineering student at the University of West Florida with an interest in 3D modeling and machine design. Prior to seeking his engineering degree he earned a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and spent time coaching and training athletes. He is excited to join IHMC and use his unique blend of education to contribute to the team in the Robotics lab.


Julian Park

Julian Park just finished his third year at Virginia Tech majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Biomedical Engineering. He has been focusing on undergraduate research in Assistive Robotics Lab for two years developing a new generation upper-body exoskeleton for labor workers. He is also part of Service Without Borders, an organization that aims to provide assistance to communities in need locally and globally. He was fortunate enough to work in Nepal last winter, aiding the construction of an irrigation canal. He loves to travel, pet animals as long as they’re not deadly, learn new things hands on, and more than anything, he loves good food.


Brandon Peterson

Brandon is from Pace, FL and is currently pursuing a Master's in Robotics at the University of Michigan. He works in the Neurobionics Lab with Elliott Rouse and is interested in the design and control of wearable robotics. He received a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Florida. As an undergraduate, he worked on robotics teams in UF’s Machine Intelligence Lab and conducted research on an interdisciplinary project in the mathematics and biology departments. He also completed a Player Development/Baseball Operations internship with the New York Mets in St. Lucie, FL. He is excited to work on the exoskeleton project and learn from everyone at IHMC.

Anthony Stuart

Anthony Stuart

Anthony Stuart is a rising senior studying mechanical engineering at MIT. He currently works as an undergraduate researcher in the MIT Biomimetics Robotics Lab, where he helps design parts for HERMES: a humanoid robot controlled by an exoskeleton. In past summers, Anthony has interned at Lockheed Martin and the Aerospace Corporation, where he has done mechanical design and CAD work for a space telescope and a cube satellite ground station. Anthony is really interested in the mechanical design of robotics systems, and he’s looking forward to working at IHMC this summer!


UC Wang

UC is just finished his third year in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. He's from Taiwan and enjoys almost everything.

UC is a returning IHMC intern. He worked on the exo and hopper projects in the summer of 2017.


Tiffany Zheng

Tiffany is a rising junior at Williams College studying Computer Science and Mathematics. She was born in Hainan China, and moved to Jamaica with her family when she was two and has lived there ever since. She enjoys sunshine, spicy food, and ocean views because they remind her of home. Some little things that never fail to make her day are encounters with dogs, city lights, and a warm cup of green tea. Above all these defining features, Tiffany aspires to create and to touch the lives of others with her work. In college, she found her creative medium in computer science. She is super excited and honored for this opportunity to work in the robotics lab at IHMC. She’s looking forward to spending time with you all this summer!