Updated March 7, 2014.

Special instructions for Interview Street Java Challenge are as follows:

Once you have written you code and are ready to test it:
1.     Click the “Compile & Test” button.




2.     You will get feedback as to whether you passed the sample testcases. If you pass, great. Go to the next step. If you fail, it will show you the “input” and the “expected output”. Use these to debug your code and then go back to step 1.


3.     Now that you have passed the sample testcase in step 2, click the “Test against all testcases” button. You will be given feedback on how you did for all the testcases. However, you will only be told if you passed or failed these additional testcases, not the exact inputs and expected outputs (see below). If you pass all test cases, great, click the “Submit Answer” button. If not, and you have time, try to debug your code until you pass them all, and then submit. If you do not have time, submit what you have up to that point.


Should you have any questions, please contact robotjobs@ihmc.us