Dynamic Walking 2018

Conference Proceedings

Pensacola, Florida

May 21-25, 2018

General Chairs: Jerry Pratt, IHMC's Robotics Lab and Greg Sawicki, Georgia Tech PoWeR Lab

Session Chairs: Max Donelan, Steve Collins, Sam Burden, Kiisa Nishikawa, Any Wu, Peter Adamczyk, Noah Cowan, Jonathan Hurst, Chris Atkeson, Christine Buffinton, Art Kuo, John Rebula, Russ Tedrake, Kimberly Ingraham, Amos Winter, Conor Walsh, Michael Posa, Sabrina Abram, Andy Ruina, Freidl de Groote, Elliott Rouse, Allison Sheets

Schedule Organizers: Emily Abbott, Owen Beck, Pawel Golyski, Laksh Kumar Punith, Jordyn Schroeder, Sylvain Bertrand, Robert Griffin

Scientific Board: Chris Atkeson, Steve Collins, Max Donelan, Art Kuo, Andy Ruina


Talks are in order of the conference schedule, with the exception of the plenary talk (listed first). 


Plenary Talk

Natalie Holt: Skeletal Muscle: From Molecular Motors to Animal Movement [Abstract]


Scientist Talk

Manoj Srinivasan: Optimality-based and experiment-based models for human locomotor stability and energetics [Video]


Balance/Stability I

Chair: Max Donelan

Hendrik Reimann: The role of vision for the control of balance during walking [Video]

Farzad Ehtemam: The effect of speed on responses to mechanical perturbations [Video]

Nidhi Seethapathi: The stability and energetics of learning to walk asymmetrically

Patrick Holmes and Shannon Danforth: Perturbative Sit-to-Stand experiment for validating quantitative method of stability estimation [Video]

Patricia Baines: Model-based fall detection [Video]

Pranav Bhounsule: Scalable technique for computing region of attraction for enhancing locomotion stability [Video]

Jongwoo Lee: Quantifying and modelling human standing balance with physically assistive devices [Video]

Tyler Fettrow: Coordination of basic balance mechanisms [Abstract] [Video]

Guoping Zhao: Gait initiation [Video]

Sungwoo Park: Understanding associations between whole-body dynamic balance and spatiotemporal asymmetry during healthy gait [Video]


Prosthesis I

Chair: Kiisa Nishikawa

Amos Winter: Designing and Testing Low-Cost, Single-Part Energy Storage and Return Prosthetic Feet Using the Lower Leg Trajectory Error Framework [Video]

Felix Russell: A bioinspired compliant knee joint for walking robots, prostheses and exoskeletons [Video][Abstract]

Siavash Rezazadeh: Using Holonomic and Nonholonomic Parameterizations to Control Powered Multi-Joint Prosthetic Legs [Video]

Victor Prost: Single Part Prosthetic Foot Design using the Lower Leg Trajectory Error Framework [Video]

Woolim Hong: Unified Control Framework of Transfemoral Prosthesis for Inclined Walking Using Bezier Polynomials Based Optimization [Video]

Bretta Fylstra: Amputee Adaptation to Gradual Versus Sudden Decreases in Prosthetic Ankle Power [Video]

Andrea Brandt: Understanding strategy changes of a transfemoral amputee walking with a powered knee and visual feedback [Video]



Contact-Planning and Sensing

Chair: Sam Burden

Jason Cortell: Ground-sensing robot feet [Video]

Bora Benjamin: Challenges for optimal control of contact-rich dynamics [Video]

Robin Deits: Online Contact Planning for Humanoid Robot Step Recovery [Video]

Neel Doshi: Contact-Implicit Optimization of Locomotion Trajectories for a Quadrupedal Microrobot [Video]

Jan Carius and Vassilios Tsounis: A new formulation to generate dynamic motions of walking machines [Video]

Ali Yawar: Contribution of the transverse arch to foot stiffness [Video]

Aaron Johnson: Bioinspired hoof design [Video]

Merve Ozen: Synchronization of Two Legged Robot using Damping Control [Poster] [Video]

Ali Zamani: Enhancing agility of legged robots by fast switching between periodic motions [Video]

Jesper Smith: Low cost compliant leg design [Video]

Amir Patel: Wheels versus Ankles: Rapid Acceleration of a Hybrid Wheeled-Biped Robot [Video]

Robert Brothers: Discrete Control of a Torso Actuated Rimless Wheel Robot [Video]

George Mesesan: A comparison of polynomial and exponential center-of-mass trajectories [Video]




Chair: Amy Wu

Andy Ruina: Passive Dynamics needs accurate complex modeling, controlled dynamics often doesn't [Video]

Shai Revzen and Vikram Sachdeva: Towards a simple model for multi-legged slipping [Video]

John Rebula: Inverse Optimal Control of Simple Walking Models [Video]

Ismail Uyanik: Subspace Identification of LTP Systems Towards Data-Driven Models of Legged Locomotion [Video]

Michael Posa: Discovery of Goldilocks Models for Walking [Video]

Umer Huzaifa: Stylistic Gait design from a Planar Robot Model with Core Actuation [Video]

Yigit Yakupoglu: Dynamic Manipulability Ellipsoids for Walking [Video]

Twan Koolen: RigidBodyDynamics.jl: a fast, user-friendly, and generic dynamics library written in Julia [Video]

Antoine Falisse: Computationally efficient muscle-driven predictive simulations of walking [Video]

Brian Bittner: Determining the Locality of Data-Driven Models [Video]

William Peng: Complete energy expenditure modeling for battery-powered walking robots [Video]

Salman Faraji: Modeling robot geometries like molecules [Video]

Matthew Kvalheim: Templates and Anchors: a review of notions of model reduction [Video]



Lab Focus Talks

Chair: Noah Cowan

Lab Focus: Harvard University - Conor Walsh - Jaehyun Bae, Myunghee Kim, Nikos Karavas, Krithika Swaminathan, Brendan Quinlivan, Jinwon Chung, Evelyn Park, Richard Nuckols [Video]

Lab Focus: Georgia Institute of Technology PoWeR Lab - Greg Sawicki - Owen Beck, Emily Abbott, Laksh Kumar Punith, Pawel Golyski, Jordyn Schoeder [Video]



Chair: Jonathan Hurst

Athanasios Mastrogeorgiou, Konstantinos Koutsoukis and Konstantinos Machairas: Towards a controller for quadrupedal locomotion on compliant terrains [Video]

Peter Eckert: Ups and Downs in building small, cat-like robots for agility - a PhD's recap [Video]

Jeffrey Duperret: A spine morphology for legged robots: Lessons learned and future directions [Video]

Marko Bjelonic: Motion Optimization and Control for a Wheeled Quadruped [Abstract] [Video]

Dan Zhao: A Low-cost, Fast-fabricated Hexapedal Robot Platform for Locomotion Modeling [Video]

Klajd Lika: Quadrupedal foot sensing [Video]


Scientist Focus Talk

Chair: Peter Adamczyk

James Finley: Experimental Analysis and Model-Based Predictions of Work Minimizing Strategies for Split-belt Walking [Video]



Principles I

Chair: Chris Atkeson

Nils Smit-Anseeuw: Robust Simple Models for Legged Robots [Video]

Vikas Bhandawat, Gabriel Antoniak, Chanwoo Chun, Tirthabir Biswas: Towards a general model for legged locomotion [Video]

Jonathan Hurst: The Dynamical Phenomenon of Legged Locomotion [Video]



Chair: Christine Buffinton

Sjoerd Bruijn: Phasic modulations of vestibular contributions to maintain gait stability [Video]

Christian Schumacher: Sensor-Motor Maps of a perturbed bipedal hopping model [Video]

Berat Denizdurduran: Closed-loop sensorimotor control for a hopping musculoskeletal robot [Video]

Shravan Tata Ramalingasetty: A Neuromuscular Computational Modelling Approach to Study Terrestrial Mammalian Locomotion [Video]



Lab Focus and Scientist Talks

Chair: Art Kuo

Noah Cowan: Closing The Loop around Sensorimotor Systems

Lab Focus: Northwestern University - Keith Gordon and M Wu [Video]

Sam Burden: Why (or, more specifically, when) do feedforward inputs yield stable behaviors? [Video]



Chair: John Rebula

Stephen McCrory: Designing an A* Footstep Planner for Bipedal Locomotion over Rough Terrain [Video]

Osman Darici: An amazingly simple control method to regulate walking speed on uneven terrain [Video]

Octavio Villarreal: Reactive Foothold Corrections for Dynamic Legged Robots Using Convolutional Neural Networks [Video]

Brandon Shrewsbury: Steel Toe Bunny Slippers effect on Impact Force, Protection, and Robot Cuteness [Video]

Kenneth Chao: A Direct Method of Trajectory Optimization for Compass Bipedal Locomotion under Terrain Uncertainty [Video]



Lab Focus and Scientist Talks

Chair: Russ Tedrake

Lab Talk: University of Michigan, Neurobionics Lab - Elliott Rouse, Max Shepherd, Amanda Shorter, Alejandro Azocar, Hasim Quraishi, Ung Nee Lee, Yves Nazon [Abstract] [Video]

Peter Adamczyk: Dynamic sleepwalking




Chair: Kimberly Ingraham

Hyerim Lim on behalf of Hyunho Jeong: Motion estimation of lower limb during walking based on SLIP characteristics from video information [Video]

Amy Wu: Effects of trunk lean and ground slope on leg angle symmetry during gait [Video]

William Johnson: Effects of Body Segment Inertial Parameters on Gait Kinetics [Video]

Shakiba Rafiee: Control of Human Walking Goes Beyond Simple Reactive Strategies: a Modeling Study [Video]

Hyerim Lim: Mechanical dominance of human walking [Video]

Varun Joshi: Deriving walking controllers from human perturbation experiments [Video]

Linqi Ye: Stable walking pattern generation by reinforcement learning [Poster] [Video]

Tong Li: Effects of Load-Carrying Methods on Walking Energetics

Naser Mehrabi: Altered Neuromuscular Control in Cerebral Palsy [Video]

Ernesto Hernandez-Hinojosa: A Treadmill with Infinite Range of Surface Stiffness: Mechanical Design, Operation, and Biomechanical Applications [Poster] [Video]

Christine Buffinton: Biomechanics of single stair climb [Video]

Michael Isaacs: Sourcing the Mechanical Cost of Transport through collision-based geometries [Video]

Jean-Paul Martin: Medial-Lateral Oscillating Load Carriage on Gait Kinetics and Energetics [Abstract] [Video]

Glenna Clifton: Behavioral and Kinematic Patterns of Ants Walking on Uneven Ground



Principles II

Chair: Amos Winter

Sabrina Abram and Surabhi Simha: Humans can continuously optimize energetic cost along multiple gait dimensions in walking [Video]

Tim van der Ze: Cost of producing isometric torque cyclically [Video]

Daniel Rivera: Winding Filaments and Walking Models [Video]

Anirban Mazumdar: Engineering Metrics for Efficient Actuator Performance

Tom Libby: Consistent maneuvers arise from highly variable limb function in lizards [Video]

Hansol Ryu:  Keeping time with & without a body [Video]

Jeremy Wong: There is an energetic cost to jerk [Video]


Robot Control I

Chair: Conor Walsh

Jerry Pratt: The Leap of Faith: A simple heuristic for step downs [Video]

Hyun-Min Joe: Design and implementation of balance controller for stable walking of bipedal robot on uneven terrain [Video]

Amy Wu, Salman Faraji: Walking framework with simplified 3LP model and time-projection control [Video]

Gorkem Secer: TSLIP-based Deadbeat Running Control of Bipedal Robot ATRIAS [Video]

Ke Wang: Online Gait Pattern Regeneration [Video]

Ke Wang: Leg design: Antropomorphic vs. Non-antropomorphic [Video]

Chunjiang Fu: Combine limit cycle controller with variable stiffness actuator to achieve more dynamical walking [Abstract] [Video]

Huawei Wang: Controller identification in human standing balance task [Video]

Dominic Lakatos: Embodiment of Template Model Dynamics in Articulated Legs [Video]

Kubra Akbas: Mechanical Analogy between a Simple Legged System and an Equivalent Fluid System [Video]

Matthew Robertson: Rotational electroadhesive coupling for joint braking or drive clutching [Video]



Balance/Stability II

Chair: Michael Posa

Saher Jabeen: Perturbation recovery: joint torques or free moments [Video]

Özge Drama: Impact of trunk orientation for dynamic bipedal locomotion [Video]

Maarten Afschrift: Modulation of hip abductor muscle activity reflects the potential of the muscle to control balance during perturbed walking [Video]

Arash Mohammadzadeh Gonabadi: Development of Waist Perturbation Effector for Investigating Relationship between Mechanical Work and Metabolic Cost [Poster] [Video]

Ryan Schroeder: Human Gait Adaptation to Machine Force Oscillations [Video]

Aya Alwan: Stability and Control of Amputee-walking on Slopes [Abstract] [Video]

Nicola Scianca: Stability for Feasibility in MPC-based Gait Generation [Video]

Carlos Gonzalez: Sensitivity of balancing in legged systems under toque constraint variations [Video]


Prosthesis II

Chair: Sabrina Abram

Lab Focus: Vanderbilt University - Karl Zelik, Matthew Yandell, Eric Honert [Video]

Aaron Fleming: Coordination of Voluntary Residual Muscle Contractions in Transtibial Amputees [Video]

Dongfang Xu: Real-Time Onboard Cascaded Classification of Continuous Locomotion Modes for Prosthetic Control [Video]

Murthy Arelekatti: Mechanical Component Optimization, Design and Testing of a Fully Passive Prosthetic Knee Mechanism [Video]

Nina Petelina: Low-Cost Late Stance Flexion Damper for a Passive Prosthetic Knee [Video]

Matthew Handford: Human Prosthesis Interaction Simulation [Video]


Lab Focus and Scientist Talks

Chair: Andy Ruina

Jakob Welner: Synthesizing dynamic motion as an animator [Video]

Lab Focus: University of Michigan, Robotics and Motion Laboratory - C. David Remy - Chang Liu, Zhenyu Gan, Yu-Ming Chen, Kim Ingraham, Nils Smit-Anseeuw [Poster] [Poster] [Abstract] [Abstract] [Video] [Video]


Robot Control II

Chair: Friedl De Groote

Aaron Saunders and Benjamin Stephens: Atlas Controls Development

Robert Griffin: Straight-Leg Walking through Underconstrained Whole-Body Control [Video]

Joseph Norby: Towards Energy Optimal Design and Control for Inertial Reorientation Devices in Legged Robot Locomotion [Video]

Kevin Green and Taylor Apgar: Comparing methods of addressing elasticity in Operational Space Control on a Cassie Leg [Video]

Patrick Clary: Optimizing a heuristic walking controller with reinforcement learning [Video]

Ryan Elandt: Globally optimal control of low-dimensional balance models [Video]

Nikolai Flowers: MiniRhex: An Open-Source Walking Hexapod [Abstract] [Video]

Eric Sanchez: Independently Actuated Rimless Wheeled Robot [Video]

Jaime Arcos-Legarda: Adaptive gait pattern generator based on passive dynamic walking in bipedal robots [Video]

Donghyun Kim: Investigations of a Robotic Testbed with Viscoelastic Liquid Cooled Actuators [Video]

Valentina Gallego: Kinect implementation [Video]

Phuong Nguyen: Halodi's concept towards a direct-drive teleoperative humanoid robot [Poster] [Video]

Zhaoming Xie: Feedback Control For Cassie With Deep Reinforcement Learning [Video]

Austin Curtis: Kangaroo-inspired robot [Video]



Chair: Elliott Rouse

Alison Sheets: Investigating maximum sprint speed using models and experiments

John Bertram: Using legs in an odd way: The Parkour wall run [Video]

Pawel Kudzia: Using mathematical models of vertical jumping to understand the limits to human agility [Video]

Mathew Sheen: I would QWOP 500 miles [Video]

Jonathan Matthis: The dynamics of optic flow during natural locomotion [Video]

Patrick Mayerhofer: A feedback system for the automatic control of cycling power [Video]

Delyle Polet: Low Rider: running in reduced gravity [Poster] [Video]



Chair: Allison Sheets

Lab Focus: Georgia Institute of Technology, EPIC Lab - Aaron Young, Inseung Kang, Krishan Bhakta [Video]

Hao Su: A Quasi-Direct-Drive Cable Actuation System for Interaction-Safe Knee Exoskeleton Design

Carlotta Mummolo: Stability of Mina v2 for Robot-Assisted Balance and Locomotion [Video]

Míriam Febrer-Nafría: Personalised active orthoses for SCI subjects based on optimal control prediction [Abstract] [Video]

Mark Daniel: Participating in the Cybathlon from a Paraplegic's Point of View [Video]

Charles Khazoom: Control of an ankle exoskeleton for human-machine interaction [Video]

Maximilien Naveau: Manipulability, the link between center of mass and end-effectors [Video]

Friedl De Groote: SimCP: a simulation platform to evaluate post-treatment gait performance in cerebral palsy [Poster] [Video]

Ming Hao: Mobility Assessment of Sarcopenia Patients [Video]

Tyson Cobb: Hopper robotic exercise device [Video]